About the 1962 Dedication-History Book Project

St. Isidore's Church as it Appeared in 1962
at the Time of the Dedication History Book Project

"Through this Permanent record of the history of St. Isidore's Parish, published on the occasion of the completion of St. Isidore's School and Convent, it is hoped that, through words and pictures, the people of the parish and their children will gain a better understanding of their heritage."

The members with Father John Mirecki are: Front row, left to right - Roger Romaine, Frank Sendlewski, Father Mirecki, Anthony Gadzinski, John Bogdan; Second row - Charles W. Getz, Mitchell Sobczyk, Felix Pierzchanowski, Walter Kowalsick, A. Joseph Celic, Frank Rykaczewski; Third row - Peter Zaweski, P. John Strebel, Marian Pieuchanowski, Joseph Dombroski, Walter Skipka; Fourth ro w - Alex Doroski. John A. Gatz, Joseph Ogeka, Joseph Polecki; Fifth row - Frank Klodaski, Leonard Kobylenski, Isadore Pendzick.

Absent from the photographs are: Walter Bronczyk, Joseph P. Celic Sr., Joseph Deerkoski, John Lucas, Frank McKay, Raymond McKay Jr., Theodore Sadowski, Joseph Tiefz, Raymond Zaleski, and Walter Zaleski.

The members with Father Richard Kondziolka are: Front row, left to right - Sylvester Rusewicz, Morris DeFiore, Dr. Peter Zuhoski, Father Kondziolka, John Yakaboski, Albert Ellwood, Walter Leis; Second row - Martin Zaneski, Raymond Zamber, Bruno Rolle, Raymond Koroleski, John Kuiawski, Antone Kolenski; Third row - Frank Yousik, William Klodaski, Walter Zielnicki, Felix Rutkowski, Harry Kobylenski, William Szabaf; Fourth row - Frank Cain, Frank Waskiewicz, Peter Danowski, John Kruel, Frank Swofkiewicz, John Brandt, William Polakiewicz, Alex Grodski.



Request Frojm Father Zasowski to the Pope for a Special Apostolic Blessing.




on August 31, 1962, to Mr. Peter S. Danowski and Dr. Peter B. Zuhoski. The plaques, being presented by Father Mirecki, are in recognition of the gentlemen's fine records of service to the Parish and achievement in the Sponsorship Drive for the Dedication-Hisfory Book project. From left to right:, Dr. Zuhoski, Mr. Danowski, Father Mirecki, Mr. Charles W. Gatz, Co-Chairman of the Dedication History Book Committee.


A few months before the completion of the new School and Convent, Father John Mirecki conceived the idea of having a book published to commemorate the Dedication and to serve as a permanent record of the history of St. Isidore's Parish. For a number of years, Father Mirecki had been compiling material pertaining to the beginnings of the Parish, and his research had unearthed many interesting facts that had become ob scured with the passage of time. The Dedication seemed the perfect time to set down and preserve for all the parishioners and their descendants, the story of their forefathers' early steps leading to the existence of the large and active Parish that they call their own, today.

During the past few years, Father Mirecki had written several articles in Polish, about the beginnings of the Parish, and these articles, published in "The Sunday Review", became the nucleus for his text in this Book. His intimate knowledge of the progress of the building program made it possible for him to recreate the events of that undertaking with accuracy as well.

A consultation with the publisher convinced Father Mirecki of the feasibility of undertaking the Book as a self-supporting Parish project. A Committee was formed with the object of securing sponsorship for the Book, and a Sponsorship Drive was energetically started by the enthusiastic committeemen. At the same time, Father Mirecki began to gather historic photographs and material from the parishioners. Their cooperation in the project was notable. The wealth of material offered, most of which was used in this Book, has added immeasurably to its value as a documentary.

With the Sponsorship Drive well under way and exceeding expectations, and the School and Convent nearing completion, the Book itself was put into the publisher's hands for color photography, design and execution. The Book, as you see it here, is the reasult of the cooperative effort of many people, all of whom are due appreciative thanks for their willing and generous help. While it is not feasible to name each person, individually, whose support and assistance made this book possible, the record should acknowledge the following:

The Most Reverend Walter P. Kellenberg, whose gracious letter of support is included in this Book; Very Reverend Monsignor John McGann, who supplied our Bishop's photograph for reproduction here; Dr. Peter B. Zuhoski and Mr. Charles W. Gatz, Co-Chairmen of the Committee, who gave of their time selflessly; The Committee Members, through whose diligence this project surpassed its goals; Reverend Richard Kondziolka, for his encouragement and assiitance; Reverend Mother M. Albina, who supplied the history of "Our Teaching Sisters"; Mrs. Mary Densieski, Mrs. Anna Kobylenski, Mrs. Nettie Kuroski, Miss Vera Lewandowski, Mr. Sylvester Rusewicz, Mr. Thomas Sendlewski, Sr., and Mr. Peter Zaweski, for the historic ptiotogiaphs they contributed; Mrs. Mary Szabat, for her generous services in preparing and typing copy; The Mesdames Florence Kowalsick, Dorothy Podlas, Lottie Romaine, Ruth Zurawski, and Miss Joanne Danowski, for their able typing assistance; Mr. Walter Dolega, Mr. George Dec, and Fotocraft Shop of Riverhead, for their excellent black-and-white photography; The "Long Island Catholic", for supplying Bishop Baldwin's photograph; The Sponsors, listed in the final pages of this Book, for their generosity and good will; and each and every parishioner, for his continued support of this and all Parish projects.

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